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Le Céladon”s four rooms share the history of the residence. They elegantly pay tribute to the encounter between France and Asia and convey a rich blend of colours, subtle decoration, journeys to distant shores and emotions. Each with its own specific personality, they all share warmth and refinement and offer comfort, peace and tranquillity. Designed down to the slightest detail, offering the discreet luxury of private homes that are proud of their character, they await their guests with a promise of encounters and memories to take home with them. The Anakha lounge completes the guests welcome.

perle room


Located on the 2nd floor, the Perle room emerges from a dream of misty shores. Wrapped in shades of blue and grey, it offers silky fabrics from Asia and beautiful gentle pastel-coloured furniture and pretty objects.

With its original parquet floor, Perle offers a refined and soothing interior design. It is equipped with a 140 cm bed and can cater for two people. It has good storage space and an en suite shower room.

nacre room


Located on the 2nd floor, the Nacre room is a subtle mixture of soft powder colours highlighted by precious fabrics and a soft bed.

An ancient claw foot bath, delicately placed on a wooden platform, personalises the en suite bathroom. It is equipped with a 140 cm bed and can cater for two people.

From its balcony, it is possible to admire the town and the church spire.

jade room


Located on the 2nd floor, opposite the Perle room, the Jade room faces the Park. It borrows green from the ancient trees, but also from the extravagant green shades of Asia.

Equipped with two 90 cm beds, but without an en suite bathroom, it is ideal for two young guests or close friends of guests staying in the Perle room and/or Nacre room with which the bathroom is shared.

ambre room


The only room located on the 1st floor of the establishment, the “Ambre” room offers the promise of travel and escapism. Old furniture, antiques and objects picked up along the way create a strong personality.

Ambre, the most spacious room at Le Céladon, offers a 160 cm bed and is suitable for two guests.

In the spirit of a boudoir, its private en suite bathroom adds a touch of discreet and comfortable luxury to the room.